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The Lord has provided, Jadon is Home with his Forever Family!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Are you praying about adoption?

I'm sitting on the sofa typing this post and when I look up I can see my son.  He's watching a television show and laughing.  He loves to laugh and sadly he likes television way more than we want him to.  I cannot believe it has been 3 years since he officially became our son.  He is all boy, a 7 year old ball of energy and has more questions than any human being who ever lived.  He is a question asking machine, he can fire question after question without taking a breath.  Our lives are so full of joy and love because of the blessing God gave us in our son.

If you are praying about adoption, please continue to seek God's will.  Don't be afraid to say Yes to giving a child a forever family.  Adoption will change your life, it will rock your world and it will be worth it!


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